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Together Ron Lancaster will be presenting I’m Thinking of a Number: Introducing your students to Micah Lexier, an artist who uses mathematics and measurement to visualize information and data.

Find out more about Ron Lancaster:

Ron is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto where he teaches mathematics methods courses for future middle and high school teachers.  He has over 20 years of experience teaching grades 7-12 mathematics.  Ron’s professional activities include consultations and conference presentations in North America, Asia, England, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar  and Africa.  Ron is an author for the NCTM (The Mathematical Lens) and member of the Advisory Board for the Museum of Mathematics in New York City.  He is the recipient of the 2015 Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award Recognizing Innovation and Excellence in Mathematics Education awarded by the Fields Institute.


i was at the Complex Hotel. Where was i?

Contest: i was at the Complex Hotel. Where was i?
Your challenge is to determine where in the world Ron Lancaster is in his speaker profile picture. The picture, taken by his lovely wife Rachelle Sender, is your only clue. The first five correct responses will receive a prize donated by Ron Lancaster himself. Ron says, “If no one can figure out where i was at, I will award prizes for the five people who are the closest to my location.”

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