KenKen Tournament


We are excited to announce the first ever KenKen Tournament to be held during an OAME annual conference. Created by a Japanese math teacher, KenKen is a puzzle that combines arithmetic and logic.  People of all ages and all abilities are invited to challenge each other for accuracy and speed.

The tournament will take place on Friday May 6 during second lunch.  Register for Session F4.16.  The tournament will consist of three rounds with separate divisions for teachers and students. The entire tournament  will be completed during session F4.16 of the OAME 2016 program.

New to KenKen? Don’t worry. You can find the basic rules of KenKen at On the KenKen website you can also find daily puzzles, videos, and a teacher section. Start practising today.

Location: Georgian College Date: May 6, 2016 Time: 1:15 pm - kenken-Square KenKen