Would you love to come to OAME 2016 but are unable to due to geography or schedule? Consider Leaping into the OAME 2016 eConference!   The eConference will bring the Keynote and Featured Speakers to your board office or school virtually.

Board system leaders can incorporate the eConference into their professional learning plans for leaders and teachers in their Board.   Principals have a unique opportunity to provide professional development for some or all of their teachers at their school.  Choose from One Session, Four Sessions or Eight Sessions.

The format will include a variety of live streaming and pre-recorded sessions.  A few sessions will even allow you and your colleagues to interact with some of the Featured Speakers through social media. Leap into the eConference and join colleagues across the province in learning from Marian Small, Alex Lawson, Cathy Bruce and more.

eConference Registration is now LIVE !

Go to MCIS (the Mathematics Conference Information System)  to register for OAME eConference 2016.


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eConference Fees

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eConference Fees

Number of Sessions
One Session Four Sessions Eight Sessions
$75 $175 $275

eConference Registration: Now Open. eCoordinator must be, or become, an OAME member (can add membership to registration).

Registration Closes: April 15, 2016